Enjoying the Benefits of Using Regaine Foam Extra Strength for Men

Baldness or thinning of hair is a common problem for men today. If you're still searching for the best product that can make your hair fuller and thicker, then it's a must that you get to know how Regaine foam works. It is a clinically proven product that contains five percent minoxidil. This type of formula is already considered as the highest concentration available, and it can effectively re-grow hair on the top of your scalp. Our company offers the best deal when it comes to hair growing products for men, and you are always assured of on time deliveries.

Minoxidil is considered as an anti-hypertensive vasodilator medication that is known for slowing or stopping hair loss and promoting hair re-growth. Numerous clinical tests were done to make sure that our customers will be able to acquire the right results after applying Regaine. Our product can be bought even without prescription so it won't be difficult for you to find the right hair re-growing items.

Studies show that it takes more time to re-grow hair, but if you continuously use Regaine foam for men, positive results will be seen after a period of two months. Just make sure that you apply the product twice a day. Of course, the amount of hair re-growth differs for every individual. For some men, the results may be seen before or after 60 days. There were good test results for white males between 18 to 49 years old. It is important to use this hair re-growth formula while you're still experiencing mild to moderate degrees of baldness.

You should no longer use regular hair re-growing formulas which cannot even provide the best results. Regaine foam extra strength for men is the most suitable product to use if:
- You are 18 years of age or more
- You're not into using other prescriptions on your scalp
- You have a family history of extreme hair loss

However, this is not the right item to use if you are experiencing sudden or patchy hair loss. Additionally, if you are currently dealing with a painful, irritated, infected, inflamed or red scalp, then it is a must to consult a physician before you start applying any substance on your hair and scalp. Regaine is for external use only. When you purchase our product, we will be sending the right instructions on how to apply the same so you will certainly obtain the best results.

Directions for Use
Start applying approximately half capful of Regaine foam extra strength for men two times a day onto your scalp and other areas where there is thinning of hair. Using more of the compound or using the same for more than twice daily will not bring about improved results. This product is especially formulated for hair use only so it is not advisable for you to use it on other body parts.

Discontinue using if you encounter the following effects:
- Scalp irritation or redness that gets worse
- Swollen feet or hands
- Sudden weight gain which is unexplained
- Dizziness, faintness, rapid heartbeat, and chest pain.